Dörtel Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş.

Our Structure and Services

With its immaculate technological infrastructure, expert customs consultancy and professional managers in its experienced staff, Dörtel follows up and perfectly concludes all customs clearance transactions of its customers.
With its organizational principles, Dörtel is a firm which;

• Operates as based on specialization,

• Selects locations that offer operational efficiency,

• Creates added value with logistics support services,  

• Utilizes cutting edge technology in IT, finance and reporting,

• Relies on quality control systematics,

• Staffed by operating all modern human resources applications,

• Enjoying strong financial structure and developed resource management.


Experienced management team of Dörtel consists of well-equipped experts who have perfected their skills and experience during their many years of active service in the company infrastructure. Dörtel is a well-established company which also trains and educates people, functioning as a market academy, and provides well trained and highly qualified experts to the sector.

Our Customs Consultants
Our custom consultants consisting of 10 specialists holding A Carnets, actively work in top management and departmental management teams of Dörtel. In addition, our assistant customs consultant staff consisting of 25 specialists with B Carnet and customs apprentices continue their works as our human investment in the future of our company, which grows ever more each passing day.


Legislation Department
In addition to minimizing risks which are inherent in import and export business, this department takes on the task of developing and recommending any type of approach and system to create cost and time advantage. This department is also responsible for updating and developing knowledge of our employees and customers on international trade by regularly issued legislation circulars and periodic training programs. Among other tasks of the Legislation Department, included are determining preliminary preparations for goods which will be imported for the first time, determining HS Codes and leading any preparations that will ensure seamless execution of the process after arrival of the goods.


Import Department
The Import Department is structured adequately to carry out the process from purchasing imported goods through arrival of the same to customs in cooperation with our Logistics Support Department.

Food Import Department
In addition to the Customs Regulations, food import business is supervised by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as necessitated by the dictates of Turkish Food Codex. This department has the representation and follows up experience in administrations such as Provincial Agriculture Directorate, Agricultural Quarantine Directorate, which is required by this type of imports, in addition to customs clearance of imported food.

Export Department :
In addition to handling any type of export procedures, the Export Department is competent and offers services to carry out the entire process from receiving through closure of inward processing certificate in integration with inward processing consultancy service.

Finance Department :
While all departments, which are structured independent of one another, perform their operations, the Finance Department takes on payment, invoicing and documentation needs arising out of specific characteristics of each customs clearance transaction, following up all financial records and documentation in coordination with relevant departments and carrying out the supervision function required by the process. The Finance Department supports our customers in integrated invoicing and writing receipts after the declarations are issued. Thanks to its solid physical organization and many years of financing capacity, the department develops necessary measures and supports so that customs clearance process is not interrupted.


Logistics Support Department :
The Logistics Support Department runs the logistics management support systems and carries out consultancy activities. The department also offers improvement, development, and cost optimization in all logistics processes. In addition, it also operates like a department of our customers and thus enables their human resources to focus on their main value creating tasks. Our objective is to provide to our customer logistic efficiency and contribute to healthy growth of their business in line with their customer existing business conditions and current, changing needs, acting with the responsibility and understanding of our customer as strategic business partner. Dörtel Logistics Department integrates to existing system of the customer and takes full responsibility in all processes of import, food import, and export and investment matters starting before purchasing or selling phase till arrival, delivery and transportation of the goods to our customer. Our department operates with the mission of controlling the communication carried on and concluding by efficient reporting and acts as our customer experienced consultant in feasibility and cost analysis matters with continuous improvement/development vision in all points of the process. The Logistics Support Department coordinates central communication via the logistics management support provided, fast data transfer through the joint information processing network and electronic archive infrastructure, and makes a difference with ability of the experienced logistic support team to provide flexible service. We regularly offer new development solutions by issuing daily and monthly status reports given on loading basis and support success of such solutions through feasibility studies and cost analyses, statistical process control (KPI) and corrective activities. In the process management which is specifically designed for our customer requirements and expectations, acting on behalf of our customers, we directly contact with channels such as supplier, forwarder, warehousing company, and customs consultants etc., with a view to perfect the performance on desired delivery time basis. Efficiency assessment of the process consisting of follow up, communication, control and reporting steps is made with objective criteria since all information and records are simultaneously monitored online by our customers, and thus performance of parallel improvement/development efforts becomes possible, and necessary corrective measures are recommended with responsive development activities. By the cost optimization, procurement, transportation, warehousing and customs clearance services can be controllable and manageable and our customer is prevented to bear high and idle costs under the conditions of globalized and constantly expanded competition.

IT Unit And Online Services
We place emphasis on our information processing infrastructure and develop specific solutions with our Microsoft certified software development team with electronic integration logic, making our customers save on labor force and oversee the process. In this context, our customers receive services online on 24/7 basis from our information processing infrastructure on many areas such as QR code based job follow up, cost follow up, process follow up, and e-archive follow up. The functions of this unit also include providing high added value solutions such as developing automation and integration based on customized solutions and loading import/export costs directly on accounting system of relevant customer.


Management Systems Unit
Throughout its long established business past, Dörtel regards human as the most important quality factor and aims at training qualified people for the sector and create customers who are knowledgeable about international trade regulations, in addition to performing its profession. Dörtel management has defined and documented these objectives, goals and policies within a system, and has been certified with ISO 9001 as part of its commitment to quality. Our quality management system, which is certified with ISO 9001 since 1998, is kept efficient, sustained and up to date thanks to internal and external audits performed. On the other hand, in accordance with norms of ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate, we offer ‘complete information security’ on business activities of our customers who we work with under the principle of confidentiality in the markets where competition is ever fiercer.

Customer Relationships Unit
Our staff has positive attitude in social relations, can think analytically, and has the ability to easily engage in written and verbal communication. Our staff identifies our customer changing needs and new expectations and work with intentions to ensure our customer continuous satisfaction. The Customer Relationships Unit determines customer visiting periods and finds out expectations, suggestions, criticisms, requests and complaints at regular customer visits. In addition, the unit reports annual statistical data of our customers with high quality visual content, and enables the customers to make reviews retrospectively. Based on the information obtained from such visits, the unit determines the matters which require improvement orcorrective/preventive activities, sensitive points and other relevant details and thus begins the resolution process. The tasks of our Customer Relationships Unit include measuring customer satisfaction, reporting the results to the Quality Assurance Department, and determining the factors which influence customer’s loyalty and thus ensuring maintenance and development of the customer portfolio. Furthermore, the unit organizes social activities where our customers and personnel get together and thus creates settings which reinforce our business relationships.


Human Resources Unit
Our Human Resources Unit is responsible for employment of staff in accordance with our Human Resources policy and career management philosophy, which emphasizes seniority and experience. The unit measures development and job satisfaction level of each employee by scientific methods and aims at ensuring perfection of the staff, which is considered as our most valuable equity capital. Dörtel also emphasizes its goal of training qualified workforce for our sector and carries out career planning of our employees. The future management team of Dörtel is created from today.