Dörtel Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş.

The Corporate Overview of Dortel

Dörtel Dörtel, as established in the year of 1960, is the oldest customs consultancy company in Turkey by being in service more than half century under the same name. Our company that applies The Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 has been certified by German origin institution RW TUV. ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate, as completed set up work and available to its standards, supplies “full information security” belonging to the business of our customers that we work in confidentiality principle for the markets that competition becoming intense. Our company has been deserved eighteen times by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with a given certificate of appreciation to the entities of top list tax payers.

Dörtel Positioning
Dörtel Customs Consultancy Incorporation is the exclusive customs consultancy company in our country by its strong financial structure, having sustainable performance and profitability, highly developed organisational and operational abilities, the capability of being contemporary and flexible as much as rooted and experienced, considering the importance and responsibility of the job it does with priority. Compared to the small and big structures operating in our sector; Dörtel is seperated from its competitors as thick line by being both flexible and servicing at corporate level and capable to implement the qualifications of its institutional frame.

Our Mission
Providing proactive customs consultancy service based on risk minimisation for the exact customs clearance management, ensuring of its service quality with the policy of regularly improvements.

Our Vision
The work process of our customers to be driven under planning and by providing them to focus their own topics with the target of supporting their success, the realisation of follow up of all rules, practices and transactions required by the bureaucracy of customs with no fault .


Based on the experience of long years accumulation. strong theoratical background obtained about legal legislation,regimes , procedures etc changing against regularly new needs and developments
Risk management based on the expertise equipped with global perspective and master of local practices
Solution oriented flexible service intelligency provided by institutional and systematical organised structure ,large and comprehensive service network
Operational excellence based on the strong infrastructure we provided to our customers of solution partners through our liaison offices at all important major customs .


Cost advantage offered by accurate consultancy services during customs clearance process
Timing advantage offered by fast operational services through expansive service network
Credibility advantage offered based on respected legal representation and true declaration
Competitive advantage in terms of bureaucracy and trade offered to its solution partners thank to its full knowledge on legislation and legal obligations, minimizing risks such as any type of nonconformity, irregularity, judicial punishment, administrative punishment, loss of production, and loss of prestige in these areas.


  • 50 + years experience
  • 25 + references of corporate customer having OKSB ( Approved Person Status Certificate ) / AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
  • 250 + customer reference
  • 10 + transaction experience in various sectors
  • 50.000 + annual business volume in piece
  • 10 + Prize of Corporate Tax
  • 10.000.000.TL + Capital
  • 10 + Office layout in different locations
  • 10 + customs clearance service at different cities
  • 100 + employee
  • 10 + Customs Consultant
  • 25 + Assistant Customs Consultant
  • 25 + cars as transportation fleet
  • 10 + moto-couriers as fleet
  • 100.000 km motorway transportation per month