Dörtel Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş.

History of the Company

Dörtel; by the consideration of giving the support to the success of its customers as the fundamental activity , under the same trade name more than half century performing the total service based on the professional expertise in every field of customs clearance services is the company of having most deep-rooted history about customs clearance company in Turkey .



1960’s: Dörtel Customs Services by being established as ordinary partnership in Istanbul in the year of 1960, at the beginning with less number of employee, servicing to a customer group for importing as commercial purpose ; as no doubt, because of its success with the reason of performing perfect, reliable and fast service has started to become one of a leading organisation of customs clearance and foreign trade consultancy in our country since the year of 1965.

1970’s: Since the year of 1970’s the industrialisation started to accelarate, with the purpose of giving more efficient and integrated service to its customers of large indusrial companies, also actuating Kocaeli,Derinces branch Dörtel by being as the most effective customs clearance company and foreign trade consultancy in our country; becoming prominent with the aim of producing integrated and perfect service only in this field it has been known in the markets as professional and expert institution.

1980’s: By the economic decisions of Jan 24 bringing the politics of turned out to be abroad and liberal economy to our country, parallel to the required changes and innovations by our customers of rapidly growing local and international industry companies; our company structure has been renewed in the year of 1984 and in the same year Dörtel by having the title of Customs Service Limited Company has maintained to perform faster , common and qualified customs consultancy services

1990’s: By adopting Quality Assurance Systems of IS0 9000 series started to be known in our country in the 90’s to its structure , Dörtel established own Quality Management System by having ISO 9002 Certificate in the year of 1998 with its quality Standards approved by German origin institution RW-TUV.

2000’s: Dortel In the year of 2000, Dörtel Quality Assurance System has been improved within the norms of ISO 9001:2000 and quality certificate has been renewed. The institution of RW-TUV registers the validity of Dörtel Quality Assurance System every year by periodical interim audits. It has been moved to the company name “Dörtel Gümrük Müsavirligi Limited Sirketi” in the year of 2004. In the year of 2000’s, by commencing the operations of the liasion offices placed very near to Customs, Dörtel provided the operational excellence at customs transactions with the target of performing more integral and effective service, the Departments of Food Import, Inward Processing and Logistics Support became operational; achieved thetechnological infrastructure able to share the data, information, document over its own computer network by the facilities provided with the expanded electronical infrastructure

2010’and onwards The automation and simplified customs procedures decrease the essentials of bureaucratical follow up a little bit more every day. These developments give prominence for the realisation of the functions of the customs consultancy business such as consultancy, preparation of project (solution partnership with proctive quality) and risk minimisation. Beginning from the years of 90’s, by defining the consultancy part of the business as “the value that difference to be created” and focusing on this topic effective from 2015 onwards Dörtel has kept on its activities under the title of“Dörtel Customs Consultancy Inc.” as the leading entity of the intelligence by ensuring constantly zero conflict atmosphere with customs authorities.