Dörtel Gümrük Müşavirliği A.Ş.

Conceptually Customs Consultancy


Expert Consultancy Services, Efficient Application

Legal statute and applications regarding customs and international trade constantly change and develop. One of the major responsibilities of Dörtel is to closely follow up the process and analyze gains and risks for our customers. The prerequisite of total customer satisfaction is to be an organization which thinks globally and operates locally in addition to have full knowledge and control over customs legislation and applications and international trade process.

Our Policy for Customs Risk Management

Accurate customs clearance also means efficient risk management. We have developed all of our criteria from proactive consultancy services offered with knowledge on current laws and regulations to reliable and respected representation, from accurate declaration skills to field experience, from operational excellence ensuring punctuality to infrastructure and technological equipment, professional staff and business culture offering flexible planning to auditing and reporting ensuring our quality promise. We have structured to foresee many potential disputes between customs administration and our customers and take protective measures in order to eliminate the problems before they occur.

Dörtel Knowledge On Current Regulations, Accurate Declaration
The results of irregularities breaching the laws and factual errors are the risks which have to be strictly avoided in customs declarations. In addition to accurate and current knowledge on the regulations, facilitating means offered by such regulations have to be interpreted and implemented with business focus. A structure with strong base has to keep its knowledge on the regulations up to date and have efficient and result oriented applications.

Reliable Legal Representation, Experienced Field Staff

Given the fact that Customs Consultancy organization which handles your customs clearance formalities carry out transactions which legally bind you, critical importance of the choice you make becomes evident. Therefore, the most solid guarantee that we offer is our reliable past and many years of experience in this profession.

Proactive Management, Integrated Organization

We have established a proactive business culture with experienced staff who avoids additional costs which may be incurred by the customs clearance process to offer accurate, smooth and fast consultancy services and produce solutions for serious potential problems of our customers.

Operational Competence, Flexible Planning And Follow Up

Creating competitive advantage for our customers through the services we offer is among the service objectives that we pay attention to. An expert on any type and detail of customs clearance activities, Dörtel is well-established, experienced, successful, strong and most importantly flexible operator that the work requires. The company differs from the rest by its productive quality.

Efficient Quality Management, Active Reporting

Timely completion of works is one of the quality criteria of the customs clearance services. Guided by the fact that human is the most important resource in performing the services, our priority is to enhance knowledge and skills of our employees and make our company a service producing center.